We all know the world is not quite what it used to be, and we are not really sure about what it might be. But, we do know we need to do somethings differently, and we have some proven frameworks that helps us make those decisions.

In recent months, I have been collaborating with Senior Associates Adrian Hart and Jo Clancy as we deliver an integrated service design capability and growth culture program for a key client.

The client has a very successful history, a truly exciting future with new business strategies beginning to bear fruit, and they recognised that despite some long-standing customers, their approach to service delivery wasn’t optimal.

So, we partnered with them to design an integrated program starting with identification of needs (from a customers perspective), building line manager capability in service design tools and frameworks, leveraging their existing investment in constructive behaviours to align with a growth mindset and structuring all of this on a strategic focus and business metrics.

We are just over mid-way through the program and we (& the client) are already seeing the benefits:
• our partnership model with the leadership team is gaining traction and leading to quality exploration of core issues
• the initial engagement with front-line staff has been very positive – an initial immediate change articulation of solution focus rather than an acceptance of the way things have always been
• education and capability development in the service design tools with leaders identifying post-program application opportunities
• quantification of internal and external pain points and alignment with customer paint points is providing objective clarity as to the way forward
• multiple potential solutions (both short and long-term) are being identified and owned by the leadership team
• and we are starting to identify individual, team and organisational ways to strategically enhance a growth culture

In these uncertain times, it is challenging to chart a course forward when there is so much uncertainty. What we are finding with this program however is the focus on service delivery, being really clear about what is in our control, applying proven frameworks and being open to what is possible – is actually quite liberating and motivating.

It is early days, however we are finding that this integrated and committed approach is delivering real results for a key strategic driver for our client. We are consciously not labelling it a transformation program, but we are being really clear that this is about evolving “how we do things around here”.

In short, we are building capability, growing culture and enabling control – these seem even more relevant in today’s environment from when we started this project a mere 10 weeks ago.

We are excited by this unique program and are keen to continue to work with clients in this way. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at: info@omc-group.com.au