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Is your culture the tail or the dog?

“If you do not manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening.” Edgar Schein, Professor Emeritus at MIT Sloan School of Management   Culture is one of those terms which is used a lot in the media, quite often when something goes wrong at an organization, council or sporting club. There are a number of tools and frameworks that can be utilised to measure and focus the organization on culture and whilst it’s not perfect (no tool ever is), I do like the approach that the Human Synergistics framework does bring to the topic. In workshops I quite often ask people: “do you want to work in an [...]

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Leadership needn’t be lonely

At OMC Facilitation and Training we believe that leadership is the ability to influence others in order to achieve an outcome in line with your values, brand and customer expectations. Our experience of working with leaders in pubs, clubs and the accommodation industry has confirmed our view that leadership is also about flexibility and adaptability.  Knowing when to be supportive, when to be directive, when to be encouraging, when to hold people accountable and when to get in and be part of the team. If you're interested in enhancing your leadership skills book now for our upcoming AHA (VIC) Pub Leadership Program or TAA Enhanced Leadership Program.  Book here to secure your spot in the AHA Pub Leadership Program Leadership from susie robinson on [...]

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