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Re-Imagining Your Business

Our goal is to work with individuals, teams and organisations to enable effective change and achieve outcomes – so it was sensational in 2020 to work with Senior Associates Jo Clancy (The Adaptability Factor) and Adrian Hart (Chilwell Consulting) on an integrated program to increase service design capability, enhance growth culture, integrate strategy and metrics – and ultimately improve customer experience and business outcomes. It was such an enjoyable and impactful program, in November we sat down and reflected on some of the key concepts and their relevance right now, we also identified the power of integration, the early signs of success when we knew it was working, and then finally our Top Tips. We have worked together on [...]

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Optimum Performance Model

The question many businesses asks is: How do we work out what parts of the business are working and what parts need an increased focus so we are more efficient and effective? OMC Group believes the answer is a sound framework applied across the organisational environment that enables leaders and teams to remove themselves from the day to day momentum and take a broader view of the operating system. A Framework enables objective assessment as to the current state, and importantly whether the current activity will help them achieve what is possible – optimum performance. Whilst there are great tools and frameworks that focus on key components of strategy or culture, and some excellent approaches to reviewing people systems, the [...]

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Capability, culture and control

We all know the world is not quite what it used to be, and we are not really sure about what it might be. But, we do know we need to do somethings differently, and we have some proven frameworks that helps us make those decisions. In recent months, I have been collaborating with Senior Associates Adrian Hart and Jo Clancy as we deliver an integrated service design capability and growth culture program for a key client. The client has a very successful history, a truly exciting future with new business strategies beginning to bear fruit, and they recognised that despite some long-standing customers, their approach to service delivery wasn’t optimal. So, we partnered with them to design an integrated [...]

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