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Why On My Couch?

We are all key to learn new information which may be helpful. But sometimes, despite the best intentions of us and others, when we hear really clever people talk about their expert subject, we concentrate really really hard……. And then ask, “what the?”

Hence On My Couch – It is designed with the specific intent of talking with super smart people, about the great stuff that they do, and then understanding it so we can make use and apply it.

Each session we invite a key expert in a particular aspect of people at work. We deliberately ask people who are much smarter than us in a particular topic and ask them a series of questions so we can learn more what they do – and then potentially apply it in our work.

We hope you enjoy On my Couch.

On My Couch Episode 03 – Linda Wong

For our 3rd Episode of On My Couch, we are joined by Linda Wong (MD of RunwayHQ) as we explore the start-up ecosystem, innovation, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.