How We Work

We added up our combined years of experience once….and felt old! So instead we reflected on how we wanted to work going forward, what was the value that our many…. (many) years of experience could bring to our clients.
We arrived at 5 key ways in which we wanted to work with our valued clients – these are:


  • Objective review & assessment of current position
  • Comprehensive analysis & solution development
  • Deployment of optimal diagnostics and frameworks to achieve desired outcome


  • Skills and expertise across a range of disciplines
  • Theoretical, commercial & implementation capabilities
  • Breadth of organizational & industry experience


  • Focus on Individual, Team and Organisation

  • Incorporation of people, process & systems

  • Specific events embedded within organizational systems


  • A mutually beneficial 2-way relationship
  • Alignment of our capability with your requirements
  • Connecting and reinforcing your stakeholder and business partners


  • Identification and implementation of what works – for you!
  • Incorporation of solutions to your environment
  • A performance outcome orientation – delivering results

From the Blog

OMC Group

Our experience of working with talented and passionate people across sport, health, local councils, large multi-national organisations, small local business and non-for profits as confirmed one thing – outcomes are about people, and people want to achieve outcomes!  

OMC Group is a small organisation with a big goal – we want to work with individuals, teams and organisations to enable effective change, to achieve outcomes.

We are a team of business professionals with vast and diverse experience who have worked across Australia and internationally to assist organisations achieve their strategic goals.

Our Clients