We work with individuals, teams and organisations

We primarily work with our clients on a consulting basis. We explore their current situation and desired outcomes, then create and implement a targeted solution which is aligned to business environment, culture and strategy.

  • Utilising expert and analytical and solution identification skills to develop and articulate strategies
  • Designing, developing and delivering a range of initiatives and programs
  • Working across all levels of the organisation from front-line employees and managers to CEO’s and executive teams
  • Implementing effective solutions to complex business challenges & opportunities

Solutions range from one-on-one coaching sessions, team and organisational workshops, strategic plans and cover timeframes from 1 day sessions to 3 year integrated plans.

We also deliver a range of public leadership development programs in Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Queensland through our specialist leadership development business unit – OMC Facilitation & Training.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Using leadership behavioural tools & proven frameworks, working with leaders to enhance their leadership effectiveness                                                                                                                                                                                             

Change Leadership & Management

Working with clients to integrate teams and workforces following organisational change, restructures and acquisitions                                                                                                                           

Business & People Strategy Development

Unique integrated programs incorporating strategy development, leadership development and team effectiveness and people systems to align people with organisational strategy                           


Engaging and challenging team dynamics interventions, including an extensive and tailored range of surveys, programs, workshops and off-sites designed to ensure healthier and more effective leadership team performance


Undertaking comprehensive needs assessments, policy reviews and stakeholder engagement process to co-create strategic initiatives, plans and programs                                                                                                                 


Over 500 participants have completed 1 and 2 day leadership development programs in NSW, QLD, SA & VIC with consistent rave reviews                                                                                                                                           


Comprehensive assessment of current state to inform strategy development for operating efficiency, customer engagement, revenue maximisation, marketing / brand awareness and sustainability insights


Specialist expertise in sports media, talent identification and sports governance