Capability, culture and control

We all know the world is not quite what it used to be, and we are not really sure about what it might be. But, we do know we need to do somethings differently, and we have some proven frameworks that helps us make those decisions. In recent months, I have been collaborating with Senior Associates Adrian Hart and Jo Clancy as we deliver an integrated service design capability and growth culture program for a key client. The client has a very successful history, a truly exciting future with new business strategies beginning to bear fruit, and they recognised that despite some long-standing customers, their approach to service delivery wasn’t optimal. So, we partnered with them to design an integrated [...]

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Collaboration & teamwork enables individual performance

Recently I had the great indulgent pleasure of taking a day from work, forming a team and participating in the annual golf day fundraiser for my local football and netball club. This is traditionally a very enjoyable day – a morning spent walking the fairways (and a bit further), engaging in banter, occasionally solving the problems of the world and all the while helping a fantastic community club begin its year to on-field and off-field success. But a funny thing happened this year, somehow I managed to win the “Longest Drive” on the nominated hole – which was quite a surprise to me and to those that know (and have seen) my golfing prowess. I play golf once a year, [...]

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The benefits of “testing” your leadership team

How do you know your Leadership Team is ready for your peak business period?..........test them! (in a constructive and team enhancing way) We love working with hospitality leaders and their teams as you generally get immediate feedback as to what impact the concepts and frameworks are having in helping people to work more effectively together. Over the last few weeks, we have facilitated a number of "Leadership Team - Pressure Test Workshops" with hospitality leadership teams on-site to make sure they are ready for their busy peak trading period. And, the feedback has been sensational! Whilst this is already a busy time, the benefit of carving out 1 day with the leadership team, reviewing and recommitting to business goals, ensuring [...]

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High Performance and High Satisfaction – is it possible?

When we work with teams we use proven and practical frameworks and concepts to help our clients be even more effective. One of our favourite concepts which we find really powerful in helping our clients think about the type of environment they are creating for their team is the concept of High Performance and High Satisfaction. This concept has been presented and discussed in different ways, however at a base level the premise is simple – we all want to work in an environment which is both High Performance and High Satisfaction. In our opinion, establishing High Performance and High Satisfaction does have linkages to a range of concepts from Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, Human Synergistics Constructive Behaviours and the [...]

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Reviewing today to create tomorrow

“I know there are challenges in how my team is working, but at this time of year our priority is on delivering on our commitments, and just getting through. I do want to address the issues within the team, but it will have to be later in the year, when we have a bit of breathing space” This is a version of an often heard comment from senior leaders and from a number of perspectives it is a completely understandable and realistic frustration. The pressures at this time of year are significant: hit the final revenue and cost targets (or prepare to explain why not) wrap-up year-end financials complete the annual performance feedback process get ready for the next financial [...]

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Investing in your team pays dividends – an OMC Group success story

The Situation The team was about to undergo significant change with the transition from an established, respected and long-serving CEO to a new CEO transitioning from the Deputy CEO role. As the team had a history of success, every year the expectations for delivery – both in terms of quantity and complexity increased. There were a range of indicators emerging that confirmed that for this group to continue to deliver in line with increasing expectations, there was a growing requirement to better leverage the individual resources in the group to create a more established and integrated team. The subsequent approach was instigated by a core group of senior managers including the then Deputy CEO and two senior managers who were [...]

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Millennials – the new breed of leader

As a cynical ol’ Gen-Xer, the phrase ‘Millennial’ has traditionally caused me to shake my head and mutter reproaches such as ‘entitled’, ‘disloyal’ and, even worse, ‘earnest’. In my day we didn’t flit from job to job every 5 years and hold our employer accountable to their values and principles. In my day we didn’t demand flexible work conditions that would get the best out of both parties. Hmmmm…. actually is it possible these young bucks are onto something? They may well be. Deloitte’s latest survey of almost 8000 educated, employed Millennials (those born between around 1982 & 2000) across 30 countries provides some valuable insights into their aspirations for work, business and society. And as much as I hate [...]

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Leadership development delivers improved on‑the-job performance

OMC Group is fortunate to work with Australian Hotels Association / Tourism Accommodation Association membership organisations in SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland in facilitating 1 and 2 day leadership development programs. We recently completed a review of the feedback from the 280 people who have attended these workshops and were rapt that over 75% Strongly Agreed and a further 25% Agreed with the the statement - “I would recommend this program to others”.  Similarly, 65% Strongly Agreed and a further 35% Agreed with the the statement - “Participation in this will assist me in my daily work”. We see the engagement and energy in the programs so it’s always great to hear that the concepts and learning are really Enabling Effective Change. [...]

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O’Malley’s 5 dysfunctions of a cycling team

We work with many different clients who all understand the need for effective, consistent leadership to drive strong business outcomes. The leadership, team effectiveness and culture solutions we use are proven frameworks, principles and approaches that are statistically valid and reliable. The challenge for us is to not only articulate the applicability of a chosen framework to a client’s situation, but to demonstrate the outcomes, what realistically can be expected and what measurable benefit will follow. Citing case studies and the experience of other clients is a great place to start. But there’s nothing like firsthand experience. So I’d like to share my recent experience of the validity of one of the better known team effectiveness frameworks: Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions [...]

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Is your culture the tail or the dog?

“If you do not manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening.” Edgar Schein, Professor Emeritus at MIT Sloan School of Management   Culture is one of those terms which is used a lot in the media, quite often when something goes wrong at an organization, council or sporting club. There are a number of tools and frameworks that can be utilised to measure and focus the organization on culture and whilst it’s not perfect (no tool ever is), I do like the approach that the Human Synergistics framework does bring to the topic. In workshops I quite often ask people: “do you want to work in an [...]

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