How do you know your Leadership Team is ready for your peak business period?……….test them! (in a constructive and team enhancing way)

We love working with hospitality leaders and their teams as you generally get immediate feedback as to what impact the concepts and frameworks are having in helping people to work more effectively together.

Over the last few weeks, we have facilitated a number of “Leadership Team – Pressure Test Workshops” with hospitality leadership teams on-site to make sure they are ready for their busy peak trading period.

And, the feedback has been sensational!

Whilst this is already a busy time, the benefit of carving out 1 day with the leadership team, reviewing and recommitting to business goals, ensuring the team will operate in a high performance and high satisfaction environment, and doing a little bit of scenario planning thanks to reality based hypotheticals has been extremely well recognised.

Rather than hear it from us, Kimberley Malcolm, Senior Manager Membership and Industry Engagement at the Australian Hotels Association (Victoria) recently caught up with hospitality leader Dan Cronin from The Western Hotel in Ballarat.

Thanks to Dan for this great feedback and Kimberley and the team at AHA (VIC).


If you think your team might benefit from a “pressure test” – please get in contact. We know the structure works and we will work with you to adjust the content to apply to your environment.